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College Principal’s Report

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This week I have attended several events which are fitting as the term draws to a close. On Monday our College completed the final day of its school review. Held over four days involving interviews with students, staff and parents, as well as classroom observations and analysis of the school’s performance data, the review was a robust and valuable process. It was able to give us a clear and accurate picture of what is working well at the College, and the areas where we can continue to implement strategies to improve. These goals and strategies for improvement will be provided to the school in a report which will be made available to the school in early Term 3. This will allow us to develop our new School Strategic Plan and I look forward to sharing this with our school community when I receive it. I would like to especially thank all our students and parents who were involved in the process – your input is vital if we are to get the best outcomes going forwards.


Building student engagement in their learning will be one of the goals that comes out of the review and there was no better example of engagement on display than at the Senior Campus Music Night earlier this week. It was a privilege to be entertained by our VCE Music students as they performed a range of pieces – both as solo performances and in small ensembles. The night was entertaining, and the quality of performances was outstanding – from classical to contemporary – and I would like to congratulate all of the students involved. At the other end of the spectrum our Year 7 and 8 band also performed at the recent end of term assemblies on the Middle Years Campus and they were also fantastic – the talent of our younger musicians is very promising. Well done everyone!


After a long semester of teaching, learning and assessment, Student Reports will be published this week and I encourage all families to take time to download these from Sentral and to read and reflect on them together. For some students they may show clear areas for improvement, however, for many the reports will reflect sustained effort across the term that is leading to growth in their learning and this is excellent to see. Students should feel positive about what they have achieved this term. I know that our Senior Students will have study and revision to complete over the term break; setting themselves up for the upcoming term. For all students it is important that they still find the time to rest and recharge also. By doing this we will come back stronger and ready to learn when school returns – I wish everyone a safe term break and look forward to seeing students and families in Term 3.

Tim Natoli

College Principal 

Middle Years Campus – Principal’s Message

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30 Day Challenge – Positive Relationships

This challenge has been a fabulous way to highlight the importance of positive relationships, the small things we can do to build them, but also recognise the existence of many positive and respectful acts between us all. The level of recognition was very high across our 30 days:

  • 239 student nominations were made by teachers for students demonstrating positive relationships
  • 326 acknowledgements were made for staff who build positive relationships with their students
  • 103 instances of positive relationships were noted by staff for their colleague

We know there will also have been many unacknowledged examples, but we thank all community members who took the time to acknowledge and recognise others. While the challenge has ended we hope everyone in the school community continues to look for opportunities to show gratitude for the effort that goes into forming positive relationships.

Year 9 City School

During Week 8 of Term, Year 9 students spent two days travelling to and from the city to take part in a range of structured and self guided activities. They acted as excellent ambassadors for the college, wearing uniform, showing respect in public places and responsibility through their organisation, care for each other in their buddy groups and punctuality. Students visited Eureka Tower, took on an escape-room challenge and “the Great Melbourne Race”. This expression of appreciation from one of our Year 9 students says it all: 

Ms Ziajka did a wonderful job at organising city school for the Year 9s by making it an enjoyable learning experience. The time and effort put in by her for this excursion is very much appreciated.

End of Term Awards

On Wednesday 22 June, the Year level Captains conducted our end of term awards assemblies. The celebrations recognised the winners of the homegroup challenge, values and homegroup awards, recipients of positive incident reports and the many acknowledgements and prize winners as part of the 30-day challenge focussed on positive relationships. Each assembly was enhanced by musical performances by students heading off to Kool Skools next term. Congratulations to all the students involved in the performances, running of assemblies and the award winners.

After receiving a continuing flow of donations, Aaron (Year 7) the Community Scholarship recipient, Mrs Colbey a parent from our school community, Mrs H were finally able to help deliver the donations to the Salvation Army in Mill Park. The team were so appreciative to receive the additional food supplies. Together we can work to help support some of the families in our community. Thank you to all of the staff and students who donated non-perishable items. 

Simon McRae 

Middle Years Campus Principal



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Year 12 VCE Legal Studies – Mock Trial

To celebrate the incredible achievement of completing their Unit 3 studies on criminal and civil law, our Year 12 VCE Legal Studies students held a mock trial this week in Courtroom 13B. A mock trial is a simulation of a fictional courtroom scenario, where students are given a set of facts to argue out as barristers would do in court.

With Judge Fraser presiding, assisted by Judge’s Associate Geena K, students chose their roles and prepared their own opening and closing statements, as well as questions for examination-in-chief and cross examination of the witnesses. Defence barristers Daniella B & Janet K were victorious on the day, using keen persuasive techniques to convince a jury of twelve (including Senior Campus Principal Mr Dungey and Assistant Principal Mr Tonis) to find their defendant, our College Vice Captain, Harry S, “not guilty” beyond reasonable doubt. The pair faced formidable opposition from the prosecution, Maja G and Shunniel G, who each demonstrated an impressive depth of legal knowledge in finding related precedents to the trial at hand. Our witnesses, Monique B and Kaleigh L, prepared measured responses to the questions posed, and the victim, Andrei C, gave a rousing testimony as to the impact of the alleged crime on his wellbeing. Foreperson of the jury, Sarah M, did an excellent job of walking the jurors through the verdict determination process, and court artist Marisol JP immortalised the proceedings in pencil. A special thank-you must go to Ms Palamara for videoing the proceedings.


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This month in Italian the Year 7’s have completed their topic on ‘Tanti Auguri’, celebrating festivities in Italian. Students have completed many writing and reading tasks, and learned some new Italian songs about numbers and the months of the year!

The Year 8 students have been using menus that they have created, to order in Italian at their own restaurants. Below is an example of one of the amazing Italian menu examples completed by Shumaylah and Jade, in 8A.

The Year 10, 11 and 12 students are all completing different units and topics and are continuing to develop their language skills. The VCE students have just finished their final outcomes for Units 1 and 3, and have begun their new units where they are looking closely at Italian products and practices.


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As the term comes to a close, the students across the college are embarking on new exciting units of study from the Year 12’s studying the classic film “Pride” and comparing it to the autobiography “I am Malala” to the Year 7’s beginning their first text response study on the young adult novel “My Life as an Alphabet”. 

There have been many highlights including Year 8 SEAL and  Accelerated students along with the Year 9 students producing personal stories, many which have ended up in digital form which you might find on your preferred social media site. The Year 8s have engaged with many issues across the media – so make sure you talk to your children about some of the ongoing issues in the world.  The Year 10’s are about to embark on the study of the classic play of ambition, pride, and blood – Macbeth.  

We often get asked about what parents can do to help their students at home for English, and the best thing is to encourage your child to read and view as many texts as they can. Students who read get much more out of their education and out of life. Get them to grab a book, graphic novel, comic, or well written series and enjoy the holidays. 

Physical Education/Health

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Year 8 Physical Education / Health  

Students in Mr Maltby’s Year 8 PE class are currently participating in a unit of Australian Rules Football, concentrating on developing students’ control and accuracy when performing skills relevant to AFL. To assist with the students’ development in these skills, students from Mr Scherf’s Year 11 VET Sport and Recreation classes have been busy preparing lessons to peer teach the students as part of the competencies required for their VET Sport and Recreation Certificate. The positive interactions between students across the two campuses was something to be admired and proud of.

Year 9 PE Electives 

Students in Year 9 PE electives this semester have participated in a variety of sports that cater for all abilities and various recreational activities. As part of Advanced PE and Outdoor Ed and Recreation electives, Mr. Lewis’ and Mr Rogers’ classes went to IceHQ in Reservoir to give Ice Skating a go! It was great to see the students applying growth mindsets and persisting with what can be a very challenging skill.

Year 9 students studying the Advanced PE elective have been learning about athletes with a disability or impairment, with the focus being on what they can do. The students gave goal ball a try during a practical class, a unique sport played by those who are visually impaired. The students have had a great semester and maintained an open mind throughout. Well done!

Year 11 OED Camp – Otways National Park

The Year 11 Outdoor Environmental Studies class was involved in a hiking camp along the Great Ocean walk at the Great Otway National Park. Students spent their time in the coastal environment, engaging in surfing, hiking and camping over the three day experience. There was plenty of enjoyment and achievement shown by all students involved, and with a current College wide focus, a number of positive relationships developed. We now look forward to our Alpine Ski trip to Mt Stirling in Term 3.                                

Year 12 VCAL PE

Students from the Year 12 VCAL PE class attended Fitstop in South Morang and completed a strength and conditioning circuit with other members of the community. Students completed a 45 min circuit concentrated on developing strength across all major muscle groups. Students thoroughly enjoyed the session by working tirelessly over the 45 mins. It was fair to say that a number of students felt sore the following day from experiencing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) 


Senior Girls Football

The Senior girls AFL team went out on Monday 30 May, and played two games against Hazel Glen and Whittlesea. Although the girls did not end up winning a game, they played with 14 players against 16, which gave them a disadvantage that they made up for with lots of enthusiasm. The day was very cold and very wet, and this did not deter the team at all. Special mention to Asha Pilapil for being our top goal kicker for the day. Miss Ring and Mr Ham were very proud of them!

Senior Boys Netball 

On Thursday 9 June the Senior Boys went out to compete in the Whittlesea region Interschool netball competition. All the boys contributed to an extremely good day. They demonstrated good teamwork and kept morale high across the entire day by encouraging each other throughout the match. Thanks to Mr Guebala for coaching them.

MYC Sport

The students at the Middle Years Campus have competed in a variety of sports this term including Soccer, Badminton, Netball and Cross Country. Students enjoyed getting out and having fun but also showing their skills and expertise after two COVID-19 affected years. 

Our Year 8 Boys Soccer team were successful against all the other schools in the Whittlesea Division and will go on to represent our school and the Whittlesea division next term in the Northern Zone. Good luck! 

Congratulations to all the students that represented the College at the Northern Metropolitan Region Cross Country, a special mention to Zachary Melvaine of 9G who has qualified for the State Cross Country event that will be held early in Term 3.

Mathematics and Numeracy

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Goal Setting in Maths

‘Setting goals helps people to trigger new behaviours, guide focus and sustain momentum in life. Goals also help promote a sense of self-mastery. In the end, you can’t manage what you don’t measure, and you can’t improve upon something that you don’t properly manage.’

Many adults and young people find goal setting to be quite challenging, both deciding what to do and sticking to it. So, we are working with Math Pathways to develop this skill in our students here at MPSC, by encouraging our students to reflect on their past learning and making realistic goals for their current and future learning.

How it works

‘Students are prompted at the end of each cycle to think about the last few weeks of math, using the Stop, Start, Continue goal setting framework.

After a student has set their first goal, each subsequent time they set a goal, they are asked to review and rate their previous goal. This will prompt the student to have more ownership over their goals over time.

When the student has selected their goal, their goal will be visible to them at all times in the new “goal signpost”. This goal signpost is very important for two main reasons:

  1. Students have a constant reminder of their self-improvement goal and
  2. Students will be much more motivated as the goal originated from their own metacognition. It’s well known that goals which you set yourself are much more powerful than goals you might perceive as being prescribed by someone else.’

Visual and Performing Arts

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Mill Park Secondary College Production 2022 ‘HAIRSPRAY’

Over the past few weeks, students from Year 7 to 12, have been rehearsing for the upcoming college production ‘Hairspray’. They have auditioned for the roles and the cast and band have been learning to play and sing the songs. Dance routines have been created and rehearsed. They have been having a delightful time learning and developing their skills and routines every Thursday afternoon. 

Term 3 Week 5, Time: 7.OOPM 2 EVENING PERFORMANCES, 

(MATINEES PERFORMANCES: 10.30AM – Limited tickets) 

Wednesday 10 & Friday 12 August 2022

Tickets will be available via

Adult $20.00

Child/Concession $15.00

Family – Max 4: $50.00

How to purchase your ticket:

  1. Enter an email address and set up account 
  2. Select the seats and number of tickets then ticket type eg Adult, Child/Concession, Family 
  3. Add to cart • Pay visa or Mastercard. 

(You will receive confirmation of the purchase instantly) 

ENTRY to PRACC: You can show the barcode ticket on your phone or print the ticket and bring it with you.

Mrs Nagel teaching the cast songs ”The Nicest Kids in Town” by Clarke Thorell

Ms Arsana reading through the script with the lead cast members

Ms Ashby teaching the students dance routines

Year 11 Studio Arts 

Year 11 Studio Arts students painting landscape canvases as part of their Unit 1 study. They enjoy outdoor painting when the weather conditions allow. This practice is called ‘En plein air’ painting, which was the way the French Impressionists and Australian Impressionists of the Heidelberg school, worked. The term is a French expression meaning “in the open air”, and refers to the act of painting outdoors with the artist’s view of their subject (landscape) in front of them. Plein air artists are known to capture the essence of a landscape by factoring the use natural light, color and movement into their works.

Year 10 Painting & Drawing 

Students in Year 10 painting and drawing are currently working on their canvas paintings. They have been studying the techniques of the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artists. Just like the Post Impressionists, some of them have extended knowledge of the use of vivid colours, thick application of paint, distinctive brush strokes, and natural subject matter such as the landscape. The theme “Connections to Nature ” allowed them to select places of interest and places they felt a strong connection with nature. They are also learning to place emphasis on geometric/naturalistic forms and exaggerating these forms and colours for expressive effect in their compositions.

Year 10 Dance Styles & Choreography

Year 10 students in Dance Styles and Choreography are currently working on their learnt group work in preparation for our Senior Campus Performance Night. They have been working hard to refine their personal movement style and expressive skills in order to proficiently execute the style-specific techniques of their street dance routine. 

Our Senior Campus Dance Performance Night was held in the gym on Wednesday 8 June at 6.30pm. The outstanding performances by the Year 10’s, VCE and VET Dancers, showcased the styles and expressive skills learnt throughout the semester. The audience were impressed by the quality of the performances and the professional sound and lighting set up in the Senior Campus gym. Thank you to Ms Arsana for the organisation of this great live event. Thank you to the Arts team who supported Ms Nagel, Mr Kneebone, Ms Ashby, and Senior Campus Principal Mr Dungey.  

On Monday 20 June, our Senior Campus hosted a VCE Music Performance Concert. This featured performances from our Music Performance, Senior Ensemble and Year 10 Instrumental Music students.

Technology: Design and Food

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Year 10 Architecture Elective

Students have been learning about sustainable architectural design and have been busy constructing models based on their designs. Students have studied the role of Architects and their practice and sustainable considerations when designing a building. They have developed practical skills of transferring floor plans/elevations into three-dimensional models.


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Push Up Challenge 

Staff and students participated in the Push Up Challenge across the month of June. It involved completing 3,139 push-ups or alternative exercise over 24 days, which represented the number of lives lost in Australia to suicide in 2020.

Some participated individually whilst others joined as part of a team. It was a fun way to learn about mental health via daily messages with mental health facts and tips, which attempts to reduce the stigma associated with mental health as well as encouraging people to seek help when needed.

As a community at the school, over 50,000 push-ups/alternate exercise were completed and over $1000 raised to support the selected mental health services and programs across the state

New Child Safe Standards and Codes of Conduct

As of July 1 2022, all Victorian schools are bound by a revised set of Child Safe Standards to improve the focus on equity and inclusivity to help create safe learning environments for students. There are 11 new Child Safe Standards, which replaces Victoria’s current seven standards and principles:

  • Child Safe Standard 1: Organisations establish a culturally safe environment in which the diverse and unique identities and experiences of Aboriginal children and young people are respected and valued
  • Child Safe Standard 2 – Child safety and wellbeing is embedded in organisational leadership, governance and culture
  • Child Safe Standard 3 – Children and young people are empowered about their rights, participate in decisions affecting them and are taken seriously
  • Child Safe Standard 4 – Families and communities are informed, and involved in promoting child safety and wellbeing
  • Child Safe Standard 5 – Equity is upheld and diverse needs respected in policy and practice
  • Child Safe Standard 6 – People working with children and young people are suitable and supported to reflect child safety and wellbeing values in practice
  • Child Safe Standard 7 – Processes for complaints and concerns are child focused
  • Child Safe Standard 8 – Staff and volunteers are equipped with the knowledge, skills and awareness to keep children and young people safe through ongoing education and training
  • Child Safe Standard 9 – Physical and online environments promote safety and wellbeing while minimising the opportunity for children and young people to be harmed
  • Child Safe Standard 10 – Implementation of the Child Safe Standards is regularly reviewed and improved
  • Child Safe Standard 11 – Policies and procedures document how the organisation is safe for children and young people

Helping Children Manage Stress and Emotions

Helping your child develop health coping strategies to manage their stress, emotions, and challenging times is important as it will help them deal with setbacks and stressful situations easier and feeling equipped to manage their emotions.

Coping is about working and getting through hard circumstances and is a learnt skill with practice rather than something that we are born knowing how to cope. It’s never too early or late to teach children healthy coping strategies that will foster their resilience.

Some ways to help teach health coping skills are:

  • Modelling health coping behaviours: practice healthy coping skills yourself. Children largely learn from observing how to cope from significant people around them. If they see you coping in healthier ways, it is more likely that they will do the same.
  • Teach new coping strategies when everyone (including yourself) is calm. It is increasingly more difficult to learn something new when we are feeling heightened or overwhelmed. Avoid introducing new strategies during a stressful situation.
  • Attempt various coping skills: there is not one fit for everyone and what works today may not work on another day. It is important that children practice various coping strategies to discover what works best at any given time.
  • Build coping skills into your daily routine: humans are creatures of habits and thus in practicing coping skills daily (not just when in distress), it becomes part of your child’s everyday life and thus they will more likely utilise them automatically and without realising it.

Examples of coping strategies

  • Doing something active
    • Walk, jog, run, hike
    • Yoga, stretching, or Pilates
    • Jumping jacks
    • Dance
    • Bounce or kick a ball
    • Squeeze a stress ball
    • Bike / scooter ride
    • Play a family game of tag or basketball
    • Boxing
    • Gym
  • Relaxation
    • Listen to calm music
    • Deep belly / stomach breathing
    • Think or visualise a calm or happy place
    • Tense and relax your muscles
    • Time out: take a quiet break or rest
    • Sip water
    • Read a book, comic, magazine
    • Have a warm bath or shower: warm water relaxes our muscles
    • Hug a stuffed animal
    • Go outside for air or look at nature, clouds, etc. Close your eyes and listen to various sounds around you
  • Be creative
    • Colour, draw, paint, sketch
    • Write a poem
    • Play an instrument
    • Write a song
    • Journal: write about your thoughts and feelings
    • Create a time capsule with your favourite things from the past year
  • Get out and be social
    • Call or visit a friend
    • Cuddle or play with your pet
    • Facetime with others
    • Talk and share your feelings with a trusted person
    • Play a game with a friend or family
  • Shift your mindset
    • Practice gratitude: what is at least 1 thing you are grateful for
    • Close your eyes and think about something you are looking forward to
    • Think about something that makes you laugh
    • Reframe unhelpful thoughts to one that is more balanced e.g., “I won’t be able to do it” reframed to “I will give it a go and try my best”.
    • Focus on what is within your control

Support services

Mobile Apps

  • Headspace
  • Smiling Mind
  • Beyond Now
  • Insight Timer
  • Self-help for anxiety management (SAM)

Self-help resources

Advice on how to help a friend who is experiencing difficult times

Tips for wellbeing and healthy mindsets

Mental fitness

Kids helpline Website

Youth Services


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After two years of interrupted learning, science teachers and students across both campuses have been delighted to enjoy a full semester of face-to-face learning, and have used this opportunity to get as hands-on as possible! 

At the Middle Years campus, Year 7 students have started their secondary science experiences by earning their Bunsen burner licenses and exploring a range of chemical properties through experiments

Year 8 students have been building on their knowledge of chemistry, physics and biology that they gained last year, and enjoying more opportunities for group activities and practical sessions.

Year 9’s have been using pH measurers to determine the pH values of various items, as well as participating in a range of practical tasks involving electric circuits, electromagnets, and Edison Robots. Students in the Year 9 forensic science elective finished off the semester by planning and running their own crime scene!

Over at the Senior Campus, students in Year 10 have been engaging in a range of activities and projects to enhance their understanding of core sciences. In physics, students designed, created and tested balloon-powered cars to demonstrate their understanding of forces.

In Environmental Science, Year 10’s created 3D models of the carbon cycle, applied their understanding of this to climate change, and wrote letters to the Prime Minister outlining solutions to the climate crisis.

VCE students have been making the most of their chances to conduct scientific investigations, with students in Biology, Chemistry and Physics carrying out a range of labs, Environmental Science students engaging in field work, and Psychology students applying their research skills to scientific posters. From making aspirin to creating genetically-modified glowing bacteria to applying physics knowledge to the motion of rides at Luna Park, students are demonstrating a wide range of competencies in the sciences and having some fun along the way!

Science-y school holidays ideas! 

  • Go visit Horridus the triceratops at Melbourne Museum and learn more about dinosaurs and evolution;
  • Explore one of the many exhibits at Scienceworks, including “how science comes to light” “seeing the unseen”;
  • Check out a showing at the Planetarium;

Find a younger sibling or cousin and introduce them to science using some fun activities on the website


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Careers | Crowe Veritas

To view our latest Career’s newsletter please click here

Year 10 Careers Week

African Drumming 

Whittlesea Tech School

Student Engagement

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The week of 27 May to 3 June, is National Reconciliation Week (NRW), which commemorates two significant milestones in the reconciliation journey (1967 referendum and the High Court Mabo decision). This year’s theme is Be Brave. Make Change, which challenges us all to be brave to take actions in our daily lives throughout the year, not just during NRW.

Actions to Make Change

We all have a role to play when it comes to reconciliation and to collectively build relationships and communities that value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, cultures, and futures.

NRW Events at MPSC

Sausage Sizzle

The welfare team and student wellbeing ambassadors group organised a BBQ and lolly guessing jar to raise funds to purchase a piece of Indigenous artwork from a former MPSC student and local contemporary Indigenous artist. There will be an opportunity for her to present her artwork to staff and students, and share her story, followed by displaying her artwork at the school. Despite the cold weather and rain, staff and students gathered to support the event, enjoying the warm food, cold drinks, and music from Indigenous artists/musicians.

Smoking Ceremony

A local Elder, Uncle Ringo, visited the school to complete a Smoking Ceremony, an ancient and contemporary custom among some Aboriginal Australians which involves smouldering native plants to produce smoke. The herbal smoke is believed to have spiritual and physical cleansing, and ability to ward off bad spirits. It was wonderful to see the respect, support, and engagement from students which provided an opportunity to learn more about Indigenous history and culture, as well as participate in placing leaves into the smoke pit.

Congratulations to Aleesh Zaidi, Hazeeq Bin Iszal and Imogen McMahon, our National Reconciliation Competition winners!!!  Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry to outline an Indigenous person who inspired them and why. 

Year 8 Wellbeing and Workshop Day

This term Mill Park Secondary College partnered with the Man Cave and Flourish Girl for the Year 8 Wellbeing and Engagement Day. It was inspiring to see our Year 8 students build strong relationships with their teachers and peers, use their voice, break down barriers and support each other.

Here are a few thoughts from our Year 8 Students:

Hazeeq Bin Iszal:

Wellbeing day was a very fun and exciting, yet knowledgeable day for everyone. The boys participated in the Man cave and the day was filled with so many positives, one of them being the extremely friendly hosts that greeted us. Their enthusiasm and energy that remained throughout the whole day filled the atmosphere with caring vibes and they didn’t fail to put a smile on our faces. As well as that, we were given the safe space to open up about our feelings and together, we redefined what it means to be a man. Wellbeing day was no doubt an enjoyable day and a very knowledgeable one too.

Jenaan Najimun Niyas:

On wellbeing day, we walked into the classroom feeling kind of agitated. It was filled with people we’ve never talked to and it was overwhelming to say the least. I remember feeling stiff even when the music was playing, and I remained that way till we started talking more. I think that Zoe and Chantelle really made a difference to how we saw each other. We began opening up, slowly. And even when someone cried, we helped them. It was so heartwarming to see a group of girls that barely ever spoke; to support each other and care about one another. Friday taught us that talking about mental illness is important and should be talked about. I’d say this wellbeing day was a success! 

Mustafa Khraim:

Friday we had Man Cave and the Flourish Girl workshops. I was in the Man Cave session and overall it was pretty nice. What I got out of it is learning that I’m not alone and men can talk about any problems. It’s important to be a safe space for your friends and family members. Overall I would recommend all schools to have a program like this so then we can improve student wellbeing!

Student Success

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Our Outer Northern Trade Training Centre VET Students of the week :

Here are some of our VET Automotive 2nd Year students at ONTTC participating in an engine rebuild experience with the Cummins Campbellfield technicians:

Congratulations to our of our Year 12 students, Julia Lanzetti who performed as ‘Henry’ with the Wiggles on Sunday 12 June at The Kid Laroi Concert at Rod Laver Arena! This is an amazing achievement and we are so proud of her.

Middle Years Campus Awards

Year 9 School Values

Syna Shrestha

Shivam Kumar

Rayan Najaf

Zoe Hoar-Ahern

Home Group Awards

9A  Isaac Carroll           

9B Sayid Kolakovic

9C Zhaide Yaziji

9E Jacie Buckley

9F Samir Hasoonizadeh

9G Cameron Jezard

9H Mohammad Mahmood

9I Vanessa Ralevski

9B – Winners of the homegroup award

Year 8 School Values

Zahra Abdalla. 

Imogen McMahon. 

Neev Amar.

Isabella Whiting

Home Group Awards

8AJapneet Kaur

8B Abilash Selvachchandran

8C Nimai Thotta

8D Jasdees Kaur Kang

8E Shabnam Jafari

8F Diya Kumpati

8G Alli Allen

8H Ryan Kei

8I Emily Eldose

30 Day Challenge

for week 4: Angeline Dwivedi 8A

for week 5: Max Barrett 8H

for week 6: Shumaylah Haque 8A

for week 7: Jade Zheng 8A

for week 8: Shabnam Jafari 8E

The first major prize goes to: Con Giannopoulos 8D

The second major prize goes to: Zahra Abdalla 8C

Positive Incidents

Aside from the 30 day challenge, we want to recognise the overall positive behaviour that many people in Year 8 have demonstrated throughout the term. Any student who has received a positive report by a teacher this term is in the running for this prize. 

The student who has received the the most positive reports this term was: 

Emma Del Duca from 8E. 

Thank you to all students who have put in effort to make our school a better place this term.