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College Principal’s Report

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Our Year 12 students have now completed their exams and final assessments, and this will be celebrated at the upcoming Graduation Night on Thursday 14 December. This significant milestone is not only a testament to their academic achievements, but also a reflection of their resilience and dedication throughout this challenging year. The commitment displayed by these students has not gone unnoticed, and their accomplishments serve as an inspiration to all within our school community.


As we bid farewell to the class of 2023, I would also like to publicly acknowledge the efforts and dedication of our teachers, and also your support at home for our students this year. I hope that in partnership we have been able to have a positive impact and I look forward to hearing about our students’ next steps as they leave the Mill Park Secondary college community and step out into the world.


As this the class of 2023 departs the college, we are excited to welcome our Year 10 cohort to the Senior Campus for the first time. Our current Year 9 students are completing their exams and I congratulate them on the way that the majority of students have approached this task. Next week they will begin attending their Year 10 Headstart programs where they will have an opportunity to undertake their new subjects with their new teachers. Students have much more choice in Year 10 studies than they have previously experienced. This is a great opportunity and I hope it sets them up with a positive mindset for next year.


I would like to acknowledge the amazing efforts of our Year 11 students who attended the recent Energy Breakthrough Challenge,  participating in the 24 hour ‘Human Powered Vehicle’ race in Maryborough, Central Victoria. I was lucky enough to attend for the weekend and I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like it! The technical skills, physical challenges, and level of teamwork and problem solving on display was outstanding. It was so good to see this outcome after the diligent way that this group of students has approached the task as a co-curricular activity across this year. As first-timers we now know what the challenge involves, and I am looking forward to supporting our college to get back on the track in 2024.


I would also like to acknowledge the achievements of one of our Year 7 students, Tanya. Tanya has dedicated herself outside of her schooling to environmental and community work and this has been acknowledged by both the Keep Australia Beautiful Awards, and the Whittlesea Shire Council. Tanya was the recipient of the ‘Young Legend’ award and this is well deserved and a fantastic achievement. 


Additionally, I was thrilled to see that one of our current Year 10 students, Zach, has been awarded the Spirit of Anzac Prize for his leadership and community engagement. This was awarded at a ceremony at Parliament House attended by the Deputy Premier and Minister for education, Hon. Ben Carroll MP, and our local member and Minister for Energy and Climate Change, Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio MP in a ceremony at Parliament House on Thursday 16 November. This means that Zach will be part of a delegation of students from a number of Victorian schools travelling to Türkiye in 2024 to deepen cultural ties, and mark the impact and legacy of the First World War. IT is a fantastic achievement and I look forward to reporting ion Zach’s progress going forwards.


Next year the school will be raising the profile of student leadership and community engagement more broadly. We will also be reintroducing Debating as an co-curricular activity. Tanya and Zach’s efforts are inspirational and I encourage all students to get involved activities in their community where they can make a difference.


Finally, I would like to note how distressing it is for our school community to see the violence and conflict continue in Gaza and Israel. I know that this impacts some of our families directly, and many of our families and students will be indirectly affected as the war continues and we witness it on our news bulletins. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the school if you are concerned for the wellbeing of your child and you think that we may be able to assist.

Senior Years Campus – Principal’s Message

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This time of the year at the Senior Campus is exam time. The year 12 students have now finished their exams and had their Formal. Year 10 and 11 students have also completed their exams and have also completed seven days of Headstart.


Beginning on Thursday 23 November, all 2024 Year 11 and 12 students participated in Headstart classes. Students have chosen their subjects for 2024 and started work in each of their subjects. This is especially important for students in Year 11 and 12 VCE where there is a limited amount of time to get through the curriculum. It is expected that all students will have some work to be completed before school resumes next year.

This week, Year 10 students in 2024 are now completing their Headstart classes. This is a good time to get used to the Senior Campus facilities as well as get started on work in preparation for 2024.

Year 12 Formal

Last Friday the Year 12 Formal was held at the San Remo Ballroom. A great night was had by all. Special thanks to Wendy and Liam for organising the school band to play music on the night. Also thanks to Darren, Karlie, Natasha and anyone else involved in the organising.

Student Leadership

Congratulations to Mily, Tayyab, Aadit and Kiara on becoming the College captains and Vice Captains for 2024. This following an extensive application and interview process followed by student voting.

ABCN Mentoring

The ABCN Mentoring program aims to provide young women with the essential leadership skills they need to engage in a successful, meaningful career. The initiative addresses the underrepresentation of women in senior roles in Australia. It is designed to support young women to develop their leadership skills, aspire to senior roles in business and the community, and foster a sense of self-belief that will encourage them to aim high.
Focus involves female students working in small groups with female executives who act as role models and mentors. Mentors sharing their own career journeys and challenges can make an enormous impact as students consider their options for the future. 

Thanks to Ms Kotob for organising this.

International Students Program

The International Students Program has continued to expand this year and there are now 34 students. The two International student’s staff, Ms Pan and Ms Le have been running the program and will be supported by a new assistant next year, Ms Pour. Ms Pour is Iranian born but also speaks Arabic and is fluent in French and English. With Ms Pan speaking Mandarin and also teaching Chinese 1st language next year, and Ms Le speaking Vietnamese and teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL), Ms Pour will provide a greater range of multicultural expertise in the program.

On Thursday 9 November, 28 of our international students travelled on public transport to the Melbourne Aquarium and back. The students were very attentive and enjoyed the experience.

Middle Years Campus – Principal’s Message

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It has been a busy time at Middle Year’s Campus. We have been so excited to welcome Millie into our school community. Millie has started her extensive training program with Therapy Australia and is starting to enjoy pats and cuddles with our staff and students.

This month we ran a Year 9 forum for our girls, to try and understand how we can better meet the needs of our female students at the College. A huge thank you to Ms Bleazby and Ms Madzevska for arranging this and to the incredible group of students who took part.

It is a busy time for our Year 9 students who have City school, exams and the Head Start program at the Senior Campus. This is both an exciting and nervous time for them and we wish them well over these next few weeks.

Staff and students have continued to engage in several activities and programs including the staff vs student’s dodgeball competition. The Prevent with Heart Program, Drumbeat Program, Raise Mentoring Program and Young Men’s Program have also continued to run throughout the term. Our Year 7 and 8 students will also work with Whittlesea Connections through the Bridge Builders Program. This fosters and further develops leadership skills which will allow these twenty students to act as mentors to our new Year 7 students next year.

We also welcomed our new Year 7 students this week with our ‘Getting to Know You’ sessions. Families and students were able to meet with members of staff and help us to continue find out about them in the lead up to Orientation Day next month. A huge thank you to Ms Colby and all staff who supported this event.

The leadership team are working on develop a range of exciting changes to the Middle Years program next year including additional dedicated literacy and numeracy sessions, our new pastoral program called ‘Engage’ and an opportunity for our Year 7 and 9 students to take part in more skill-based learning through our ‘Explore’ program. More information about these subjects will come out to families soon.

I had the pleasure of attending our Middle Years Campus music concert. It is always so wonderful to see the incredible talent amongst our student body and the amazing support our students receive from their music teachers. Again, congratulations to Mrs Nagel, Mr Gooding, and their team for working with our students to put together this evening.


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Preston Market Excursion

On Friday November 17, the English Language Centre students went by train to the Preston Market.

Students participated enthusiastically in various activities which required them to use their English language skills. They had to work together to find particular fruits, vegetables, meats and seafoods on their market scavenger hunt. All students engaged with stall holders, asking them various questions about the types and availability of produce, as well as the best way to prepare and serve the produce. The students displayed courage, confidence and respect in their interactions with community members.

For lunch, students were challenged to try something that they had never tasted before, from a different cultural cuisine than their own. They sampled a range of Greek, Japanese, American and Italian dishes and completed a sensory evaluation task to reflect on their experience of tasting these foods for the first time. 

Finally, students visited a pharmacy and explored the range of commonly used first aid and health items, documenting them for a shopping list task.

Here are some student reflections on the Preston market excursion: 

“What surprised me was that there were so many fruits that I had never seen before” – Khanh

“I like the Vietnamese Food and some sweet cake from India and Italy…I want to eat all the food in there!” – Hoai

“It was very exciting when we talked to someone. Some were very kind.” – Hung

“I think the people there are so friendly and have patience to answer those questions from us. It’s quite fun for me…When I came here I thought like just Vietnamese or Chinese culture here. But the truth is there are so many cultures at the Preston Market” – Uyen

“I learned about the price of vegetable and meat” – Vinh

“I found a very cute store that sells tote bags and over the shoulder bags” – Tuong

Visual and Performing Arts

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 Song and Dance Concert 2023

Earlier this term the Performing Arts team showcased both musical and dance performances at our annual Song & Dance Concert at Plenty Ranges Arts and Convention Centre. This year music students have gained valuable performance experiences, including the VCE & MYC music concerts, Soiree Night, lunchtime concerts and participation in the KOOL SKOOLS CD sound and recording project. Dance students showcased the work from Years 7, 9, 10 & VCE/VET. The Dance students have created or learnt choreography as part of their studies to produce highly imaginative and unique dance works.

We performed to a sold out audience this year and students gained an insight and understanding of performing on stage.

Congratulations to all involved.

This year’s concert was another outstanding Performing Arts event, which showcased the talents of students at Mill Park Secondary College, who have studied Music and Dance from Year 7 to 12.

The students have gained valuable performance experiences throughout the year, including the VCE music concert, Soiree Night, lunchtime concerts and participation in the KOOL SKOOLS CD sound and recording project. Some of the musical items performed on the  evening were original compositions and lyrics which are part of the CD recording titled ‘Spectrum, The Colour of Sound’.

The VCE music items reflected the use of creative processes used to perform, compose, improvise and arrange music. As part of their study, they compose and perform music ideas based on their intentions and performance context.

The Dance items represented students from Years 7, 9, 10 and VCE & VET. Dance students have created or learnt choreography as part of their studies to produce highly imaginative and unique dance works.

These accomplishments have only been possible for the dedication and commitment of the Music teachers and Dance teachers. Music teachers: Mr Pijpers, Mr Gooding, Mr De Leucio and Ms Blackburn and Extra Curricular Performing Arts Activities Coordinator and VCE Music teacher Mrs Nagel. Dance teachers: VCE/VET Dance teacher Ms Arsana and Year 7 Dance/Drama teachers Ms Ashby and Ms Marshall.

Congratulations to our wonderful and creative performers and incredibly supportive staff, who have contributed to the outstanding success of this concert.

Thank you to all staff, parents and friends for supporting this event.

Kool Skools Awards

On Saturday 18 November our three bands Max DB, Antivirus and Sweaty Palms performed at the Kool Skools Awards at Empire Studios with great musicality, confidence and stage presence. Each of their songs was very well received by the audience. Congratulations to Max, MaxDB who won the category of Best Indie Pop.

Mill Park Secondary College received nominations for 7 of our 12 tracks in a range of genres:

  • Best Rock Track – The Geese Police “Cosmic Ride” (Year 10: Vanessa, Amitoz, William, Ria, Matthias, Ava, Eden)
  • Best Alternative Rock Track – Anti Virus “Scared of You” (Year 9: Ray, Jade, Jacob, Sajjal, Zain, Max)
  • Best Instrumental Track – Sweaty Palms “Thing Man” (Year 10/11: Frensi, Tim, Tri, Jessica)
  • Best Pop Track – SWYFTR “Real Eyes” (Year 7, 8 & 9: Charlotte, Jade, Suzi, Jeremy)
  • Best Indie Pop Track – Ultraviolet “Thunder” (Year 8: Katia, Senulya, Jayden, Mia, Liliana)
  • Best Indie Pop Track – MaxDB “Adrenaline” (Year 9: Max, Sajjal, Zain, Mia, Lara)
  • Best RnB Track – Esther featuring Jessica “Thinking” (Year 11: Esther, Jessica)
  • Koolest Skool Nomination Mill Park Secondary College (one of four nominated schools)

Special thanks to Frensi, Tim and Jessica for also playing with MaxDB and Anti-virus on the awards night. Frensi filled in for Sajjal who is overseas, while Tim and Jessica covered the multi-layer musical lines within the songs. The evening was well supported by parents, families and Year 10 students from the Geese Police.

This is the first time the Year 8 students have performed at the Awards night. The majority of songs this year were recorded by students who have not recorded in this project before and 5 of the 12 tracks involved Middle Years Campus students. It is also the first time for a song to be nominated by a Year 7 student involved in the track. All 12 tracks on the CD titled ‘Spectrum – The Colour of Sound’ are original compositions  and they all  sound great!

Thank You to the Music team: Mr Pijpers, Mr Gooding, Mr De Leucio, Ms Blackburn, Mr Rangachari, Mrs Nagel for the work mentoring students, endless rehearsals and refining to create our 2023 CD. Special thanks to Mr Pijpers and Mr Gooding for running the rehearsals in preparation for the Awards night. The polish on each band’s performance really shone through. Thankyou to Ms Palamara and Mackenzie for the CD design.

Year 8 Visual Art

Year 8G have been working on designing an interior of a room based on one point perspective drawing.  The students have enjoyed doing this task. Year 8 comments: ‘I have enjoyed experimenting with using different toning techniques.’ I enjoyed having the creative freedom of selecting my own space to draw’. I enjoyed being able to create drawings of furniture in a one point perspective technique in the style of ‘gothic architecture’.

‘I enjoyed the challenge of making the one point perspective drawing look realistic and  creating the illusion of depth’.

‘ I enjoyed the opportunity of toning and drawing and creating the illusion of an actual room’.

I enjoyed using structural infrastructure and perspective to form a room.’

Pierre Bonnard Excursion Designed by India Mahdavi

The Year 12 Art Making & Exhibiting students visited the Masterpiece Bonnard exhibition at the NGV International and were immersed in the kaleidoscopic colour of his paintings and drawings. Designer India Mahdavi’s theatrical interiors created connections between elements of the exhibition and students experienced a blockbuster exhibition that deliberately celebrated colour, shape and pattern.

Customised wall paper, rugs and furniture borrowed heavily from Bonnard’s motifs and were modernized and abstracted for the exhibition design. This created a dynamic dialogue between Bonnard’s paintings and the display spaces. On returning to school, students designed their own exhibition spaces inspired by the show. The exhibition showed students how a designer could use paintings to create a dynamic dialogue between artist, artworks and designer. We also saw the Melbourne Now exhibition where there were some magical digital displays and ceramic sculptures.


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Energy Breakthrough

The Energy Breakthrough Challenge was held last weekend, it is now complete and we could not be prouder of the students. This was a massive weekend for all involved.

Friday comprised of scrutineering, camp set up, pit set up and a time trial that concluded at 10:30pm, where we finished 65 out 84 bikes. We were pretty happy with this result, being our first time at the event. However, it was a big day.

Saturday, we were up and into the day at around 8:30am, getting ready for the start of the 24 hour race. Riders walked the course while pit crew worked on the bike or set the pit up for the race, grid formation started at 11:00am. The nerves were starting to hit as well as the excitement. It was time. The work had been done and the bike was taken to the starting grid. Students, staff and all the other competitors were buzzing as the bikes formed on the grid. We were ready. Our first bike rider for our first ever Energy Breakthrough was getting into the bike to be strapped in to her harness and clipped into the peddles. Rebecca had the honour of starting the race for us. Rebecca was given her final race instructions and then the canopy lowered, grid cleared and she was on her way. The race was on. We were on our way, our plan was to just complete laps and be there at the end, changing our eight riders every 30 minutes during the 24 hours. The race being a marathon not a sprint was full of challenges. We experienced tyre blow outs, damage from other bikes hitting us, water in the pits from rain and fogging of wind screens. Students and staff became tired and weary over the 24 hours, and we came across some other small issues, but as a team we overcame them together. This was a real learning experience for us all, working together as a team under fatigue and duress but we reached the end of the race with Zara bringing us home to the checkered flag. We had completed 240 laps of the 1.58 circuit, which was 379.2 kilometres in distance.

Unfortunately, we came second last in our class but we did lose over two hours in the pit with various issues. Taking this into consideration, we would have completed another 30-40 laps using our average times as a guide. This would of placed us much higher up the list, so we did very well considering. We would like the thank all the students, parents and staff for helping and being a part of this event. Make sure to check out the photos and links we put up on our school website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Year 11 students involved in the Mill Park Secondary College HPV Team Pegasus were:

Team captain: Aydin

Pit crew: Mustafa, Liam, Brock, Ammandeep, Dylan, Troi, Georgios, Valerie, Ryan and Felicity

Riders: Zain, Oscar, Lachlan, Zara, Rebecca, Claudia and Layla

Media: Felix

Team Manager: Mr Kneebone

Here are some of the highlights from the Energy Breakthrough event in Maryborough last weekend:

Numeracy for Life Showcase

Our Year 9 Numeracy for Life elective student’s wrapped up their amazing work this semester by showcasing the products they created to students and teachers. Different classes visited the elective and were able to “buy” the students’ products.

Our students did a fantastic job marketing their products to other students. Best of all, they are able to keep the products they made!

School Holiday Activities

Want to continue learning about Science and Maths throughout the holidays?

With school holidays right around the corner, there are lots of programs being running in Melbourne. Below is a list of both free and paid experiences for students of all ages.

BBC Earth Experience:

Code Camp:

Young Engineers Camp:

Melbourne Museum and Scienceworks:

Melbourne Zoo:

Erth’s Prehistoric World:

The Plants:

Don’t Forget the Key to Math Success: Cas-Calculators

As we gear up for another exciting academic year, we want to ensure that your child has all the tools they need to excel in their mathematical endeavours.

If your child has selected VCE General Mathematics or VCE Mathematical Methods, one essential item that shouldn’t be overlooked is a Casio Calculator.

To ensure your child is well-equipped for success, we recommend purchasing Casio ClassPad II fx-CP400 calculator as soon as possible. These calculators are available at most electronics retailers and online platforms, or you can organise purchasing a second hand calculator from our current year 12 students.

These calculators are widely accepted and approved for use in exams, as they offer a range of functions that cater to the specific requirements of General Mathematics and Mathematical Methods.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to the school Mathematics department.


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Creative Club

The students continue to enjoy “Creative Club”, last session the students painted ceramic pots, vases, and coasters. Everyone is welcome, Wednesdays Lunchtime in the library!

If you have program ideas for next year please email

Drumbeat Program

A small group of students were selected to attend a DRUMBEAT program focusing on self-esteem, harmony, healthy relationships, teamwork, and community. The group has provided positive feedback, and we are working towards an end of program performance.

Ambassador interviews

The wellbeing team have been interviewing for Wellbeing Ambassadors for next year. The applicants have put in a lot of work and we have been blown away by the amount of passion the students are bringing to their interview. We appreciate everyone that has applied.

Planning for next year

The wellbeing Team are working together to organise programs and events for the year 2024. We are excited to continue engaging the school community.

Safety over the holidays

The wellbeing team understand that the although holidays can be fun they can also be busy, stressful and at times boring. We have put together some resources below if you are feeling stressed or needing something to do. There are many activities available to attend for free in the community.

Coping with family stress:

Feeling sad over the holidays:

Tips for making the most of the holidays -If you notice yourself feeling stressed or down, try these suggestions:

  • Have a plan! If you get bored easily, think of ways to spend your spare time doing things that make your heart sing. Try a new hobby, play a sport or learn a new skill like drawing or computer programming.
  • It’s ok to take time out: If you need some space, it’s ok to take a break away from everyone. You could excuse yourself and go outside for a short walk, listen to some music or binge some episodes of your favourite show.
  • Talk about how you feel: Especially if you are sad, upset or stressed, talk to someone you trust about how you’re feeling. This is a good way to stop your feelings from building up to a possible explosion!
  • Make time for reflection as well as fun: Try some relaxation techniques like meditation or mindful colouring. Or maybe drawing or journaling about your thoughts and feelings could be more your style.
  • Give to others: Give a hug, a compliment, or a handmade gift to somebody special in your life these holidays. Not only does it make them feel special, you’ll feel good too!
  • Try to remember what it’s all about: While holidays can have a different meaning to us all, for many it is a time to connect and spend time with those we care about.

Innovation Youth Centre Drop-in program will be open during the holidays 4pm-6pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays

Be mindful that the service will be closed from December 22-January 8.

Safety numbers and support:

Kids Helpline | Phone Counselling Service | 1800 55 1800

Lifeline Australia – 13 11 14 – Crisis Support. Suicide Prevention.

DFFH – 1300 664 977

Parentline Victoria – 13 22 89

International Day of People with Disability

International Day of People with Disability is a day to promote awareness, understanding, and acceptance in our school and local community by listening to the experiences of people with disability. This can help challenge perceptions about disability to make positive changes to be more inclusive for the 4.4 million Australians who have a disability. For more information about IDPwD, visit

There are a couple of events in our local community this weekend to get involved in:

Community Event – City of Whittlesea
There will be local service providers and community organisations to provide information about disability. You can contact the City of Whittlesea Community and Place team on 9217 2170 for more information.

Date: Saturday 2nd December 2023
Time: 10am – 1pm
Location: Whittlesea Community Activity Centre – 57 -61 Laurel St Whittlesea

Tennis Open Day
Epping Tennis Club is hosting a FREE open day for anyone with a disability, special needs, and/or struggling to access mainstream sport.

Date: Sunday 3rd December 2023
Time: 12pm – 4pm
Location: Epping Tennis Club – 51 Park St Epping

For more information or to register, email or


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ATAR and Change of Preference for Year 12

Results and ATAR – You need to register!!

To access your VCE results and ATAR in December, you need to register for the VCE results and ATAR service.

NOTE: VTAC application fee deadline for December offers is 4pm 5 December. Applicants unpaid by this deadline will not be eligible for December offers.

Where can you get help?

  • Mill Park Secondary College Careers Centre – we will be here during the Change of Preference period to help you. Please text our mobile to schedule an appointment (please note we will not have this phone until Monday 11 December) – Phone 0407 820 172

  • All the universities will have a Change of Preference Day and hotlines to assist with any questions you may have. Refer to the information booklet which has been emailed to all Year 12 students or check out the University website for details.

Gallipoli Scholarship

Valued at $6,000, the Gallipoli Scholarship is open to the direct descendants of any service man
or woman who has served in the Australian or New Zealand Defence Force in a conflict or peacekeeping operation, since the First World War to the present day.

The Scholarship selection process is based 60% on necessitous circumstances, and 40% on academic merit. 

Applications open on 1 January and close on 28 February each year.

All applicants are notified of their selection, or otherwise, by the end of March each year. Applications are submitted online via the website and require a number of documents to support the application.

Find out more at
Gallipoli Scholarship.

Doxa Cadetship Program

Our Cadetship program supports talented young people facing challenging life circumstances to complete university and gain the skills needed for an employable future.

The Cadetship program is open to Year 12 students transitioning to university and is a three to five-year program, dependent on the length of the degree and the sponsorship model.

The Cadetship program is open to young people facing challenging life circumstances who have finished high school and are about to go to university.  This may include, but is not restricted to:

  • Experiencing financial hardship,
  • Having an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage,
  • Coming from a newly arrived migrant or refugee background,
  • Having faced stressful life events,
  • Coming from a rural or remote area and
  • Being the first in their family to have the opportunity to study at university and pursue a professional career.

The cadetship programme provides young people with:

  • Practical and personal support during their university course,
  • The opportunity to connect with peers and industry professionals through work placement and social events and
  • Personal development and training opportunities to enhance their employability.

For more information, download the Brochure, or visit Cadetship – Doxa Youth Foundation

Want to become a Dental Nurse?

Mill Park Dental Clinic are currently offering a full time Trainee Dental Assisting position. They are a family friendly practice that prides itself on their reputation in the community.

They are seeking an enthusiastic, organised, vibrant person who is great working in a team environment and highly motivated managing their own time to start a full-time mid-February 2024. Certificate III in dental assisting will be obtained as part of this role through RMIT.

This is a great opportunity for someone that has an interest in the medical/healthcare field or isn’t sure on a career pathway but is motivated to get into the workforce. The role is full time in clinic working with the Dentists and the rest of the team to provide dental service to their patients. They are a small practice with a friendly team who are dedicated and willing to provide the best training and support possible in this industry.

lf you are interested please contact Samantha Prouse on (03) 9404 2764 or email for further information and to discuss sending through a cover letter and resume.

Need a Tax File Number?

Applying for a Tax File Number (TFN)

Any student will need at tax file number if he/she starts work (part-time and full-time) and all students planning on a tertiary education require one when they start.
Importantly, current Year 12 students are reminded that they cannot enrol in a CSP (Commonwealth Support Place) course at university without a Tax File Number, so it is worthwhile getting an application submitted early! 
Students must apply for a TFN online and have their identity verified through an interview at a participating Australia Post office. 

To apply and to find out about participating Post Offices, visit TFN Application

Interested in studying Medicine in 2025?

University Clinical Aptitude Test 

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is an admissions test used by the UCAT ANZ Consortium of universities in Australia and New Zealand for their medical, dental, and clinical science degree programs.  Universities requiring the UCAT are listed at this link – Universities requiring the UCAT.  Students intending to apply for courses requiring the UCAT at any of these universities are reminded that they will need to book a test

Bookings will open on 5 March and close 17 May 2024.  The testing dates will be from 1 July to 9 August 2024.

Students who are preparing for entry into any of these courses are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the format of the test at UCAT Test Format  and the practice tests and preparation material provided at UCAT Preparation.

We also have some books in the Mill Park Secondary College Senior Campus library which can aid in your preparation. It is recommended that you spend as much time as possible preparing for the UCAT.

Institutions that will require the UCAT are:

The University of Adelaide

Medicine, Dental Surgery, Oral Health

Central Queensland University

Medical Science (Regional Medical Pathway provisional entry to UQ)

Charles Sturt University

Dental Science, Medicine (Joint Program in Medicine)

Curtin University


Flinders University

Clinical Sciences / Medicine

Griffith University  

Dental Health Science

Monash University


University of Newcastle / University of New England

Joint Medical Program 

The University of New South Wales


The University of Queensland

Medicine (provisional entry), Dental Science

University of Tasmania 


The University of Western Australia

Medicine (Direct Pathway), Dental Medicine (Direct Pathway)

Western Sydney University

Medicine (Joint Program in Medicine)

The University of Auckland (NZ)


University of Otago NZ

Medicine, Dental Surgery

Find out more at UCAT.

Career Information