The Pastoral Care Program at Mill Park Secondary College is an integral part of the overall approach to student well-being and development.

The program is taught throughout the College from Years 7 to 12. The Pastoral/Homegroup teacher is the first contact person for parents or guardians wishing to discuss the academic and social progress of their child.

Considerable effort is made to foster an environment that promotes a sense of belonging, particularly at Year 7 during students’ transition.

The Homegroup teacher teaches their Homegroup for at least one subject, in addition to morning Homegroup, assemblies and pastoral classes. As part of the Pastoral Care Program, Homegroup teachers may arrange special events to celebrate the achievements of their class, which helps to build a more cohesive and supportive relationship with students. The Homegroup teacher is the first point of contact for parents and guardians, with communication occurring either by phone or via the student diary.