This section includes the policies and other important documents which govern aspects of the day-to-day administration of Mill Park Secondary College. These documents have been created so that our students can experience success in a safe, caring and supportive environment that supports our College values: Achievement, Respect, Responsibility and Enjoyment.

As valuable partners in promoting learning and maintaining child safety and wellbeing at Mill Park Secondary College we welcome and encourage your feedback.  If you have any suggestions, comments or questions in relation to our policies and practices, please contact the Principal at

Complaints Policy (.pdf 199 KB)
Electronic Media and Recording of Students Policy 2022 (.pdf 162 KB)
Health Care Needs Policy (.pdf 222 KB)
Statement of Values and School Philosophy (.pdf 188 KB)
Network and Internet Acceptable Use Policy (.pdf 97 KB)
Administration of Medication Policy (.pdf 231 KB)
Alcohol Policy (.pdf 98 KB)
Anaphylaxis Management Policy (.pdf 207 KB)
Bullying Prevention Policy (.pdf 251 KB)
BYOD Policies (.pdf 37 KB)
Camps and Excursion Policy (.pdf 198 KB)
Child Safe Code of Conduct (.pdf 136 KB)
Child Safety - Responding and Reporting Policy (.pdf 312 KB)
Child Safety Policy (.pdf 206 KB)
Curriculum Policy (.pdf 95 KB)
DET Parent Complaint Policy (.pdf 237 KB)
Digital Learning Policy (.pdf 213 KB)
Drugs Policy (.pdf 119 KB)
Duty of Care Policy (.pdf 177 KB)
First Aid Policy (.pdf 199 KB)
Homestay Policy (.pdf 36 KB)
Homework Policy (.pdf 42 KB)
Inclusion and Diversity (.pdf 138 KB)
International Student Program Policy (.pdf 127 KB)
Mobile Phone Policy (.pdf 157 KB)
MPSC Facebook Protocols Brochure (.pdf 248 KB)
MPSC Multimedia Permission Form (.pdf 97 KB)
Parent Payment Policy - DET
Privacy Policy - DET
Risk Management Policy (.pdf 421 KB)
School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Matrix (.pdf 439 KB)
SEAL and Accelerated Learning Programs Policy (.pdf 96 KB)
SEAL and Accelerated Learning Selection (.pdf 122 KB)
Smoke/Vape Free Policy (.pdf 105 KB)
Statement of Values and School Philosophy (.pdf 155 KB)
Student Behaviour Management Policy (.pdf 120 KB)
Student Engagement Policy (.pdf 284 KB)
Sun Protection (.pdf 123 KB)
Uniform Policy (.pdf 125 KB)
Video and Digital Media Policy (.pdf 132 KB)
Visitors Policy (.pdf 213 KB)
Volunteers Policy (.pdf 233 KB)
Yard Duty Supervision Policy (.pdf 299 KB)
Curriculum Outline (.pdf 254 KB)
Prospectus (.pdf 415 KB)
Curriculum Policy (.pdf 95 KB)
Secondhand Books (.pdf 350 KB)
The Sustainable Bookshop (.pdf 122 KB)