Mill Park Secondary College provides a common, comprehensive curriculum in Years 7 and 8 which builds on learning at the primary level and exposes students to a range of Arts and Technology subjects.

A Core and Elective program that provides all students with access to the widest possible range of learning areas, especially in their future studies towards VCE, is offered at Years 9 and 10.

The curriculum at Mill Park Secondary College from Years 7 – 10, is based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS). Years 11 + 12 students have Access to the Victoria Certificate of Education (VCE), Vocational Education and Training (VET) and the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL).

The role of Pastoral is central to the curriculum at Mill Park Secondary College . This subject, taught by the Home Group Teacher, is designed to lessen transition problems, assist with school success by providing a framework for monitoring difficulties and nurturing achievement and develop a sense of belonging. It also provides important opportunities for developing work education expectations and improving the transition to VCE studies or to work.

A wide range of co-curricular activities (eg debating, the school production, state-wide competitions, instrumental music and others) is available to provide extension opportunities for students. Extra curricular activities (sporting competitions, clubs and games) are available at lunchtime.

The College aims to provide for the full range of abilities and thus has an Inclusive Curriculum Program for students with difficulties, an Extension Program for students who are particularly talented, the Victorian Youth Development Program at Year 9 to develop leadership, and a Career Development Program at Year 10 for students at risk of leaving school.