The college has gained a reputation for its professional displays of its art and design work by students.

The exhibitions have run for a number of years and they showcase the talents of students in the visual arts in Studio Arts, Visual Communication Design, Media, Painting and Drawing, Ceramics & Sculpture, Architecture & Interior, Graphic Design and visual arts from years 7-12. Our students have explored different ideas, techniques and have developed innovative and creative interpretations of a range of themes and styles in art and design.

They develop confidence, skills and knowledge about the many aspects of the art and design process; including the exploration of different mediums, materials, techniques, critical and creative thinking process and the presentation of art/design work. In addition to this, the visual arts program offers other experiences such as; designing posters/and taking photographs, painting props and special visual effects for annual events.

Students have been involved in community projects/events such as the TOP Arts and TOP Designs Exhibitions, Centenarian Project/Exhibition, designing CD cover for Kool Skools Songwriting & recording project, Awards Nights, Expo and Open Nights and the MPSC school Diary, Whittlesea Youth Booklet, Mill Park Library, RMIT Outreach workshops and public art projects such as the ‘Centenarian Project’ in 2017. In 2019 Mill Park Secondary College was represented in the TOP ARTS Exhibition. Artworks are selected from across Victoria and Involvement in this exhibition is testament to the outstanding work produced in the visual arts and celebration of achievement.

Through these experiences they also develop confidence and building on character strengths, mindfulness and resilience.

The students:

  • Gain an understanding of creating, artwork and designs.
  • Develop visual arts skills in drawing, painting, mixed/digital media and designing, knowledge styles in art and design, the creative journey and imagination of an artist and designer.
  • Develop skills in creative and critical thinking.
  • Develop skills and knowledge of the creative industry
  • Gain an understanding of the role of artist/designers.
  • Gain an understanding of the process involved in the significant stages of the design process and the vision and creative input of designers/artists
  • Develop positive working relationships by working in collaboration with staff and other students and community.

Students have gained experience in the following art/design related fields as part of their Work experience:

  • Environmental Design Architecture & Interior Design
  • Communication Design: Graphic Design, Game Animation Design, Media & Film
  • Industrial Design: Product Design