Accelerated Learning Programs

Mill Park Secondary College has expanded the opportunities for students in Years 7-10 to accelerate in three specialised programs:  SEAL, STEM and Accelerated ENGLISH.

  • SEAL (Select Entry Accelerated Learning) Program

Mill Park Secondary College offers a Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program for students identified as gifted and talented. The program begins in Year 7 and continues throughout their secondary schooling. It caters for gifted and talented students who are characterised by an advanced speed of learning and a capacity for remarkably high standards of performance compared to students of the same age.

Selected students are placed in accelerated classes enjoying the intellectual stimulation of peers with similar learning profiles.

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Program

Mill Park Secondary College offers an Acceleration STEM Program to a selected group of students commencing at Year 7.

The STEM program is an inter-disciplinary subject which focuses on educating students in the four specific disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Rather than teaching the four disciplines as separate subjects, the Acceleration STEM subject integrates the four subjects into a cohesive program, based on real-world applications.

The Acceleration STEM program is designed for students with above level Mathematical skills as well as a clear interest in Science and Technology.

  • Accelerated ENGLISH Program

Mill Park Secondary College offers an Accelerated ENGLISH Program to a selected group of students commencing at Year 7.

The Accelerated English program will mirror the SEAL English subject in terms of its text selection and degree of rigour.  The Accelerated English subject is a hybrid subject designed to prepare students for all three VCE English subjects – Literature, Language and English.


There is one application and testing process for the SEAL Program, STEM Program and Accelerated ENGLISH Program.  The SEAL Program, STEM Program and Accelerated ENGLISH Program are offered to Grade 6 students each year. Students sit one aptitude test and are eligible for acceptance into any of the three programs.  The aptitude test takes place in term 2 on Friday 3 May 2019.  Application forms must be completed and returned to the College with a payment of $75.00 no later than Friday 29 March 2019

Student and parent interviews may be required.

Students who sit the aptitude test are eligible to apply for a variety of Year 7 scholarships (A separate application form is available on request).


To express interest in either program and receive an information pack, please phone the school on 9407 9700.


  • INFORMATION EVENING: Monday 18th March 2019 – Middle Years Campus, Moorhead Drive, Mill Park.
  • Payments due:  Friday 29th March 2019
  • Test:  Friday 3rd May